Project Schedule

The project is estimated to begin construction the week of June 2. Work will begin at the detention basin located northwest of the intersection of Richard and Hamilton Streets.  The site will be cleared as necessary for construction and then excavation of the basin will begin.  Trucks will be removing several thousand cubic yards of material and hauling it to an offsite location.  It is estimated that work in the detention basin area will take approximately 2 weeks.

After the Detention basin construction is completed, the contractor will begin installing the mainline storm sewer in Richard Street.  The installation will progress from west to east.  The pipe network is scheduled to be installed by the middle of October of 2014 and the roads to be repaved by the middle of November of 2014. Final construction will continue into spring of 2015.  At this time, the project schedule is an estimate and is subject to delays in construction.

Please review the calendar below for an estimated timeline for the project. All events, locations, and times are tentative and subject to change. Calendar