The Grant


In 2013, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner applied for a Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) Program Grant through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to help pay for this project.

The SAW program provides grants for the development of plans to identify and manage stormwater or wastewater assets, stormwater treatment management plans, planning and design of sewage, stormwater, or nonpoint source pollution reduction projects, and the testing and demonstration of innovative water quality improvement projects. The goal of the project is to accelerate the statewide use of asset management practices that improve Michigan’s water quality and public health. More than $450 million is available through the state for this program and grants are available for up to $2 million per municipality with a match of 10% for the first million and 25% for the second million.

More than 670 grant applications were received by the MDEQ last year, totaling more than $541 million in proposed projects. The state then used a lottery system to choose who would receive a portion of the $97 million available for funding in 2014.  

The Green #4 Consolidated Drain Drainage District applied for a $380,000 grant to establish a stormwater design to improve local water quality.  The project was designed with an emphasis on flood control and water quality.  This grant encourages the use of low impact design features such as the mowable infiltration swales essential to the project’s control of local flooding.    The Green #4 Consolidated Drain Drainage District was awarded a SAW Grant in October 2014 to help reimburse a portion of the design costs.