Seeding the Swales

To help the infiltration swales filter the rainwater, the swales can be seeded with different types of grass or flora. Not only does this promote water evaporation, but it also adds to neighborhood beauty.

The infiltration swales will be seeded with turf-type tall fescue grass to provide an aesthetically pleasing area and to allow them to be easily maintained and to minimize long-term operation and maintenance. This grass will have a deeper, less dense root structure and will be drought tolerant.

The infiltration swales have also been seeded with an annual tillage radish to improve drainage and future grass growth.  Tillage radishes have a long singular taproot that can drill through compacted soil during the fall to break apart soil.  The radishes will die off over the winter leaving behind valuable nutrients and a loose soil structure that will enhance water infiltration and air circulation and root growth in the soil.

Several of the infiltration swales may also be planted with perennial landscape plants that promote evaporation, infiltration, and water uptake by the plants. Water filters through the soil and the root system of the plants before entering the groundwater system. Rain gardens can cut down on the amount of pollution reaching local creeks and streams.

Infiltration Swale

Infiltration Swale