Construction Updates – August 4-9, 2014

Active Work Sites

Active Work Sites














This week the contractor now has two separate pipe crews working on the site. One is running the main line storm sewer down Richard Street, and then cutting between some residential homes to get to Phillips Avenue.  Once the pipe is laid on Richard, a road crew will place the gravel surface, and a restoration crew will perform clean up and seeding of the disturbed lawn areas.  Paving of the street will occur later.  2014-08-01 16.46.39The second crew is continuing work on Dean Avenue.  The work on Dean Avenue includes the construction of the mow-able infiltration swales. These swales perform the dual function of both detaining the storm water runoff, while also filtering it.  When completed the swales will be seeded with a turf type tall fescue grass.

Now that the detention basin has been seeded, we are anxiously awaiting the grasses to come up and stabilize the ground surface.  Once stable, we can begin using the detention area to hold storm water runoff.

Consumers Energy has wrapped up most of the restoration on Phillips, Adelpha, Burton, and Kathy Kourt.  Their crew is continuing work on Elm St. performing gas main upgrades.

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